Exotica: Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian Nights
By Natasha Smith
Jan 6, 2008 - 12:33:29 PM



Lilli DeForrest has been trying to recover emotionally from a tough, soul draining divorce. Finding and reconnecting with Caroline, her best friend from college, Lilli accepts the vacation offer of a week at Exotica, a resort that caters to female fantasies.   Lilli has never done anything like this in her entire life, and while she wants the fantasy, a part of her is scared to death.   When Rajan, her Kama Sutra lover, walks into her suite, Lilli is instantly attracted to the dark, exotic man.   Rajan is excitingly dominant and forceful, yet compellingly tender and loving.   Add in the fact that he is the perfect lover and Lilli’s week is complete.   What she doesn’t expect are the feelings that Rajan invokes in her.   Feelings that she has no business acknowledging.   Feelings that she doesn’t know if she can live without. What will happen when their week of idyllic bliss is over? Will Lilli find the strength to grasp what she needs or will she let the one perfect thing in her life slip through her fingers?



Caroline Winter enjoys her job managing Exotica, an exclusive fantasy filled resort for women. Called the Ice Queen behind her back, she spends most of her time working and none of her time getting close to anyone. She likes it that way. Or so she thought, before she began experiencing feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction.   Discussing these emotions with her best friend, Caroline decides to personally experience what has made Exotica so successful. She needs the ultimate in pleasure and if Caroline is not mistaken, Kian, the newly hired companion of the Arabian Nights suite is just the man to give her that gratification. Caroline and Kian battle for dominance with Kian striving to make Caroline give up her control. Just when they seem to be making headway into their relationship, Caroline discovers something so devastating that she is sure she will never ever trust again.


Having read previous releases from author Eden Bradley and enjoyed them immensely, I knew I was in for a great treat with EXOTICA. Not only was I treated to an awe-inspiring read, but I was able to immerse myself into the characters and I felt like I was experiencing their bliss and their sorrows firsthand. In SEVEN DAYS OF KAMA SUTRA, Lilli and Rajan’s relationship hit me in the heart from their first scene. I frantically read and hoped that the happy ending I knew they deserved would happen. I smiled at their banter and I shed quite a few tears reading beautifully written but extremely emotional scenes. They were glorious as individuals but breathtaking as a couple.  


Caroline and Kian’s story, NINE DAYS OF ARABIAN NIGHTS, was just as tremendous. Caroline’s trust in males was nonexistent and Kian had his work cut out for him. Plus, he had a secret. A secret that could drive a wedge between himself and the woman he came to care about. To this couple, nine days would never be enough and I found myself smiling at the conclusion of their very naughty, very sensuous love story. It was perfect.


Eden Bradley is on my list of authors to watch. The emotional intensity of her books and characters is like none I have ever read. EXOTICA should not to be missed. 

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