Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot Cove, Book 1)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 10, 2013 - 9:29:19 AM

With the soft opening of the exclusive five-star resort Bandicoot Cove just weeks away Kylie’s dream is about to become a reality.  She’s spent years perfecting her managerial skills at one hotel after another and finally has achieved the sort of success she’s sought.  Excitement, nerves, and all the last minute details that still need to be fine-tuned are keeping her plenty busy.  Downtime is a premium, but with three men in tuned to her needs and desires her stress level is kept to a minimum.  The only trouble is, at some point Kylie knows she’ll have to choose one of them – and that’s just not possible… she loves them all.

Brad is extremely talented with his hands.  He knows just how to touch and rub her the right way so all of her stress magically disappears in a fireball of lust.  Hemi, the scuba instructor, is a wild and fierce Maorian whose passionate and unruly nature calls to her on a primitive level.  And then there’s Finn, the sexy bartender who refuses to adhere to the rules and drives Kylie absolutely crazy – with lust.   Three men, all different – and all of them so very important to Kylie.  Choosing one of them would be impossible, but Kylie knows that realistically she can’t keep all of them to herself.


Her first priority is seeing that the soft opening goes off without a hitch – then she’ll worry about putting her personal life is some sort of conventional order.  What she doesn’t know is that Brad, Hemi and Finn have joined forces and come up with a plan of their own – and all she has to do is sit back and enjoy the seductive ride.


Vivien Arend, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee kick off their BANDICOOT COVE series with an exciting and passionate story that singes the senses and definitely will have you eager for more.  Exotic locations simply fuel romantic fantasies and Kylie’s certainly living out her personal fantasy of both a managerial position at an exclusive resort and the loving attention of three men, but her pleasure is overridden by her belief that it can’t last.  Brad, Finn and Hemi won me over with their gentle care of Kylie but I think I fell a little in love with them myself when they finally revealed their intentions toward her – and the thought they put into all the little details is simply sigh worthy. 


EXOTIC INDULGENCE is the first title in the BANDICOOT COVE series.  The titles in order are:

PARADISE FOUND by Vivian Arend

TROPICAL SIN by Lexxie Couper



… and if that’s not enough exotic pleasures for you then there’s always the BANDICOOT COVE : THE WEDDING series which contains:




SUNSET HEAT by Lexxie Couper


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