Exotica: Seven Days of Kama Sutra, Nine Days of Arabian Nights
By Lacey
Jan 1, 2008 - 5:42:46 PM

Part One: Seven Days of Kama Sutra

Lilli DeForrest came to Exotica with no idea what to expect. Her best friend Caroline manages the luxurious resort and invited her out for a break after a bitter divorce from her ex-husband. But after being introduced to Rajan, the attraction is inevitable and the sexy god is the perfect fantasy lover. Lilli tries to separate the emotional and physical pleasures. But over the course of her stay, she finds herself falling hard. And she’s not the only one. Rajan’s never experienced a woman like Lilli, and is determined that when their time is up, he won't let her go.

Part two: Nine Days of Arabian Nights

Caroline is known for her ability to keep things in control. Perhaps this makes her proficient at her job as manager of the elegant retreat Exotica. After leaving a horrible relationship and tragedy in her life, Caroline closed herself off from the possibility of love and surrounded herself with nothing but work. But when Kian Razin, the newest addition to the Exotica staff, steps into the picture, hope fills her along with an overwhelming desire. Could he be what she needs to heal the wounds of the past?

This book is amazing. The emotions written on the pages pull at your heartstrings as the two heroines let their inhibitions go and allow themselves the opportunity to love and trust again. The male characters are every woman’s fantasy while remaining realistically flawed. Ms. Bradley is a talented writer that has earned an automatic spot on my must-read author’s list.

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