Expecting His Brother's Baby: Baby Bonds Series
By Brooke Wills
Sep 4, 2006 - 1:21:00 PM

Kylie Warner knew her marriage to Alex was far from perfect. But then Alex is tragically killed and she’s left trying to hold the ranch together while carrying his child. As if she didn’t have enough on her slender shoulders already, Kylie finds out her husband was also unfaithful. When she’s involved in a minor car accident, help arrives in the form of Alex’s brother, Brock. As a foolish teenager, she’d had a major crush on him. But now that she’s a grown adult, she knows he only means danger. Danger to her independence because he’ll try to take over her life. Danger to the ranch because he’ll want to sell it. And big danger to her heart because she still loves him.

Brock held no illusions that he was a “real” Warner. His father had only married his mother because she was pregnant. After their divorce, she’d returned home to the Indian Reservation in Arizona. But she’d sent him to live with his father in Wyoming because that was where his future lay. His half-brother, Alex, was the “true” Warner. When his brother had announced he was going to marry Kylie, Brock pushed his feelings for her aside and instead set off to make a life for himself in Texas. But now his brother is dead, Kylie is pregnant with his child, and the ranch is going broke. Although she doesn’t want it, Kylie needs his help. The only thing he needs to watch out for is letting his heart become involved, even though Kylie’s love would be the best thing that could happen to him.

Karen Rose Smith always turns out a terrific story, and EXPECTING HIS BROTHER’S BABY is no exception. The last book in the BABY BONDS SERIES, Kylie’s story was worth waiting for. With their continuing attraction to each other, she and Brock are meant to be together, but it’s their past history that also keeps them apart. Thanks to some excellent writing, the road to getting this dynamic couple together is a satisfying love story.

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