Exposing Victoria

Author: Reese Gabriel

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: December 5, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons

Format: E-book

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She’s loved before and had it taken away from her. He’s never been in love. They’re scared and hardly ready for a relationship…until he discovers her deep dark secret.

Chase, Shane’s best friend, is getting married and Shane arrives just in time. The reaction from his best friend is immediate. Shane is supposed to be dead. Chase believes his best friend died on a mission some years before.


Vicky, Kat’s best friend, is blown away by the longhaired stranger who shows up at the wedding seconds before it begins.


The reaction between Vicky and Shane is immediate. They want one another but she refuses to admit it. He slowly chips away at her defenses until he has what he wants. But does he?


Vicky was in love once but the love of her life was tragically taken away from her on a ski slope. She refuses to allow her heart to be broken again.


Shane, much to his chagrin, has no idea why he allows this woman to slip by his defenses. Life is too short to settle for one person. That’s something people like Chase do.


All their plans and schemes go awry when Shane figures out Vicky’s secret passion. She’s an exhibitionist. Little by little he pushes at her until she gives him what they both want. She’s determined that what they have is sex and nothing more. He’s beginning to see things differently. Jealousy raises its ugly head when he learns that she’s going to a club and plans to do things her way.


Will Shane be able to stop her? EXPOSING VICTORIA is an edgy read that grabs your attention and you do not want to stop until the last period. Then you let out your held-in breath and sigh.


Shane and Vicky were briefly introduced in COMMANDING KAT. I’ve been hoping that Mr. Gabriel would write their story. A great big thank you to him for writing this one. I love a story that keeps the heroine and hero at odds with one another. Deep in their souls they have wants and needs but when you’ve been hurt badly, it’s hard to let those emotions rise again.


This is definitely a recommended read and one for the keeper shelf.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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