Extremely Hot
By Angel
Feb 4, 2008 - 3:46:35 PM

Ivy York has a bad past with men and sticks to what she knows best.  As a talk show host she has to present a strong front and let the women of the world know not to let the men have the advantage.   Of particular interest is a man known as the Urban Legend.   Many women have had the pleasure of being the recipient of his sensual skills and now Ivy wants to uncover the mystery behind the man.

Luke Sterling brings thieves to justice and enjoys his job immensely.   Even more he loves being the Urban Legend and keeping his real identity a secret from the world.   When his latest case puts Ivy as a lead suspect he knows that he is in for an interesting ride.   However, Ivy is after the Urban Legend and how will she react when she finds out that he’s the man behind the façade?


Luke and Ivy are a fun couple to read about.   Luke has an alter ego that he keeps hidden and prefers the anonymity that it gives him.   Ivy wants to uncover who the real man is behind the legend and will stop at nothing to prove he’s nothing more than a womanizer.   When they actually meet, the sparks fly high and you know that Luke and Ivy will make an explosive combination.   The love scenes are bewitching and linger long after they are over.   Jennifer Apodaca has done a marvelous job at creating fresh and powerful characters and a story that appeases both passion and adventure.  

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