Eye of Destiny
By Brenda Lee
May 15, 2004 - 7:58:00 PM

EYE OF DESTINY is a love story involving two very different women who find romance, passion, intrigue and danger onboard a cruise ship with two magnetic, sensuous men neither can resist.

After enduring his unfaithfulness for years, Hannah Hays is finally realizing her marriage to Charles is at its end.  In a last effort to at least salvage some kind of relationship with her daughter Morgan, she books them on a cruise as a graduation gift.


Lukas Pretorius, an irresistible, handsome and charming man from South Africa sweeps Hannah up in a whirlwind romance of erotic delight.  Meanwhile, an Interpol agent on the trail of a criminal exposes Morgan to the dangerous game of jewel smuggling and forbidden lust.

As the passion heats up, the plot thickens.  There is a thief on board the ship - a con artist, a professional who has successfully eluded the authorities thus far and intends to escape once again, no matter the cost.  As Hannah and Morgan are sucked into a vortex of sexual rapture with each of their intriguing men, the game of cat and mouse continues to build, threatening to bring their newfound happiness and acceptance crashing to the ground.

EYE OF DESTINY is a sweet, tender romance that is sensual and spicy, with an additional element of mystery to create a wonderful story by the extremely talented Kit Tunstall.  This book is far different from any of Ms. Tunstall's work thus far but just as noteworthy.  With the possibility of more stories such as this in the future, Kit Tunstall is on her way down yet another path of success. 

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