Cougar Club – At His Command
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 5, 2009 - 6:46:07 AM

Julia Stone spent years being belittled by her controlling ex.  She’s worked hard to reinvent herself after a long and bitter divorce and has a sense of pride in her accomplishments.  The last thing she expects is to be swept off her feet by a man ten years her junior – and a Dom to boot.

Dalton Fairchild isn’t interested in young women with their ‘in your face’ sexuality.  He wants a more mature woman whose beauty is understated.  Dalton’s fully aware of who he is and what he needs in a woman – he’s a dominant man and expects his woman to accept every aspect of his lifestyle.  He works hard and plays hard too and he’s definitely up to the challenge of showing Julia the pleasures to be found in her submission to him.


Julia and her daughter Samantha are out celebrating Sam’s twenty-first birthday when Dalton notices them.  His friend and business partner Taylor is appalled to realize that Dalton is interested in the mother and not the daughter, but to each his own.   Dalton opts to wait until the right moment to approach the women’s table and hopes that the brunette is receptive to his advances. 


At first Julia and Sam think that Dalton is interested in dancing with Samantha so they’re both surprised when he makes it clear that he wants to dance with Julia.  His friend and Sam along with her friends take off to go clubbing leaving Julia and Dalton to get to know each other better.  During the course of their discussions she discovers that Dalton used to work for her ex-husband before starting his own IT company.  She’s definitely not pleased with this new revelation, but despite both men being in the information technology business there seems to be a huge difference in their personalities and attitudes.  Julia’s ex-husband wanted her to be a trophy wife – everything about her to be ‘perfect.’  Dalton has his own demands for her as well but she doesn’t find his dominance or expectations to be demeaning.  Will Julia find the happiness she deserves AT HIS COMMAND?


Felicia Forella’s Cougar story AT HIS COMMAND is a captivatingly fun and sexy read.  Many women will be able to relate to Julia’s emotional turmoil.  Her failed marriage and lack of self confidence really make her a personable character but it’s Dalton’s intense attraction to her and his willingness to gently yet determinedly introduce her to his lifestyle that really got my pulse pounding.  There are complications that stem from their age difference and Julia’s grown children but nothing that this couple can’t overcome.  AT HIS COMMAND is a fine addition to Wild Rose Press’s COUGAR CLUB line.



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