First Step
By Ansley Cooper
Jul 1, 2008 - 9:01:24 AM

Giulietta Jones makes a splash with FIRST STEP.  Welcome to a day on the Australia Outback in the midst of a drought.

Natalie Jones is the new agricultural director for the Coffer’s Ridge.  Young, single, and attractive, she quickly learns that the town doesn’t have much to offer in the way of society.  Her first encounter with Jack proved that he might be nice to look at, but wasn’t exactly gregarious.

Jack Savage is tall, handsome, and romantically challenged.  His only goal is to pay off his late father’s debts from the ranch and leave as quickly as he can.  That is until his friend, Ray, gives him a reason to stay with a whispered word about Natalie.

This reviewer found FIRST STEP a thoroughly delightful read.  After reading it the first time, I immediately flipped back to the beginning and read it again.  It’s not often that such a bite-sized piece carries such an enjoyable story with such depth.  From the first line, the atmosphere soaked into the mind and across the senses.  It’s as if the reader can taste the dusty air and feel the burn of the heat on the lungs.  The characters are so vivid that it feels as if the reader is actively a part of the story and interacting with them directly. 

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