For Better, For Worse Forever
By lisa
Nov 16, 2007 - 9:06:07 AM

Catharine Bradini Taylor doesn’t want a divorce, but her estranged husband has filed for one. She knows she made a grave mistake when she left him. They agreed to remain childless, but when her biological clock began ticking, Catharine wished to renegotiate. Hudson refused to consider a child so she walked out on a wonderful man and a happy marriage. She realizes she was wrong and is praying for a second chance.

Hudson Taylor is still in love with his wife. He just isn’t about to budge on having children. When an accident at a construction site leaves him with amnesia, he doesn’t remember he and Catharine are separated. Catharine gladly agrees to pretend they are still happily married until he recovers, knowing this might be the opportunity for which she’s been praying.

FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE, FOREVER is a sweet love story about a couple that needs a bit of divine intervention to get back on the right path. Catharine is a strong heroine. She lives by faith and never wavers although she is treated poorly by Hudson’s family. She always responds with kindness. She has realized how self-centered she was in making demands of Hudson . I was very impressed by the strength of this character.

Childhood experiences with his own dysfunctional family left Hudson fearful of ever being a parent. The brush with death and subsequent amnesia give Hudson a view of his life from a different perspective. When his memory returns he is reluctant to tell Catharine because he wants to reconcile with her. Ms. Dynowski has crafted caring and warm characters that get a well-deserved second chance at their happily-ever-after. Don’t miss this one.

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