Kiss Trilogy, Book 1 - A Seductive Kiss

Author: Francis Ray

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: February 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Dianna Harrington’s entire life revolves around her position as “The Face”.  She’s the sole model for the House of Harrington, the fashion empire run by her family.  It’s been a lonely existence she’s kept mainly because she’s still trying to garner the loving approval of her parents - an impossible feat.  What Dianna really wants is to hang out with her long-time friend, and secret crush, Alex.  The trouble is figuring out how to change her lifestyle so that she’s still “The Face” but has time for friends and maybe even a lover.

Alex Stewart is the older brother of Dianna’s best friend Catherine.  He’s personally witnessed Dianna’s parents’ callous attitude toward Dianna and provided the shoulder to cry on whenever she needed one.  Now a successful New York lawyer he thought he might be destined to unrequited love, but he’s in for a surprise because Dianna’s tired of being alone and she’s ready to live for something beyond work.


With the recent death of her beloved grandfather, Dianna’s position at House of Harrington is a bit disconcerting.  Since she’s “The Face” she doesn’t think she has anything to worry about but Alex isn’t so sure.  He’s concerned that she’s in danger of losing everything – especially since her home, credit cards, phone, and her entire identity belongs to the company.  What surprises him the most is that despite her beauty and bevy of men seeking her attention Dianna is sexually inexperienced – and she’s interested in exploring the possibilities with him.  What neither of them expect is for Dianna’s career to take a sudden and devastating turn leaving her feeling lost and uncertain as to what to do next.  One things for certain, after having shared that first seductive kiss Alex has every intention of being at her side as she becomes a woman in her own right – and not just “The Face.”


I absolutely love A SEDUCTIVE KISS by Francis Ray.  Dianna’s insecurities will strike a chord with women of any background while Alex worms his way into our hearts by encouraging Dianna to follow her dreams – even when she isn’t exactly sure what they are herself.  The close-knit circle of friends depicted throughout this story is realistic, fun and leave you eager to read the rest of the titles in the KISS trilogy so you can revisit them – and find out what happens with their love lives.  While the friendship between the men in this story (Alex, C.J., and Sin) is one of the primary focuses of this series and I did enjoy their camaraderie what I really enjoyed about not just this title but the entire series (and yes, I have read them all) is seeing the women find the inner strength to tackle whatever life throws at them while falling in love, building friendships and running businesses.    


By the way, if you’re not diving into this read just because it’s marketed to African Americans than you’re missing out.  I firmly believe this series will appeal to readers of any nationality.  Ms. Ray does a beautiful job penning a story full of heart, passion, hope and enough emotional turmoil that you feel like they’re people you actually know.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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