Family Affairs, Book 3 - After the Dawn
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 22, 2013 - 10:58:46 PM

Samantha Collins hasn’t had much to do with her grandfather since her parents’ death on a business trip when she was only sixteen.  Unlike much of the rest of the family Abe’s sudden heart attack brought her to his side and gave them the chance to reconnect and for him to reveal his plans for Collins Industries.  She had assumed that if her grandfather didn’t survive then her uncle, Evan would assume the role as head of the company.  The last thing she expects is for him to specify that he wants her to run the company – and she’s to share the responsibility with Dillon Montgomery, a man who’s already made his feelings regarding Collins Industries and Samantha known – and he wants nothing to do with them now either.


Dillon has made a success of his life since being fired from Collins Industries years ago.  Along with his mother he runs a successful auto shop, the last thing he needs or wants is to be pushed into spending the next five years of his life trying to save Collins Industries from financial ruin.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have much of a choice and doesn’t shirk responsibility but that doesn’t mean he can’t harbor resentment because of the situation.  Obviously Samantha needs his assistance and Uncle Evan is too embittered by what he perceives as a snub to be of much help.  In fact, if Dillon’s not mistaken, the other man will make her life a living hell.


Samantha’s far too kindhearted and too much of a people pleaser to go head to head with Uncle Evan.  Fortunately Dillon has no such qualms and the showdown between the men soon begins.  Samantha, who wanted to keep things cordial with her aunt and uncle, throws herself into making the company successful while attempting to avoid dealing with Evan’s nasty disposition.  While she could eventually adjust to dealing with everything that’s suddenly been thrust upon her, working in such close proximity to Dillon is going to be difficult.  She once professed her love for him and it ended in disaster, how can she possibly stand seeing him on a daily basis?  What about the rumor regarding him being Abe’s love child?  Is there any truth to that?


Families are complicated at the best of times but throw in a hefty inheritance and some serious rivalry and you have the makings for a situation that could get downright ugly.  Toss in one to-die-for hunk unafraid of pissing off the competition then sit back and watch the drama unfold.  Francis Ray’s storylines are highly memorable simply because the characters are people you can relate to – the good, the bad and the downright nasty.  In AFTER THE DAWN Samantha and Dillon are brought together due to a situation entirely not of their making but they don’t back down in the face of adversity – and in the process discover a lot about the company they’ve been entrusted with and themselves.   

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