Kiss Trilogy, Book 2 – With Just One Kiss
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 23, 2012 - 11:46:49 AM

C.J. Callahan loves running the bar left to him by his uncle but his days of doing what he loves are limited because of family obligations.  His father and brother’s health have taken a turn for the worse and it’s up to C.J. to step in and take over the reins of Callahan’s Software Company.  He’s definitely not happy about the situation and the last thing he needs is to add more complications to his life by becoming involved with the uppity fashion guru Cicely, but resisting his attraction to her is futile.

Cicely St. John has dreams of a moving to Paris and continuing her career writing for fashion magazines.  All of her focus is on winning her dream job – and garnering the approval of her parents who have never seen her life aspirations as praiseworthy.  Cicely realizes that being so career focused has left her with no personal life and she’d almost be okay with that if it wasn’t for the dance she’d shared with C.J at Alex and Dianne’s wedding.


With their lives moving in very different directions it doesn’t make any sense to start seeing each other romantically but it quickly becomes obvious that even when they aren’t together they’re thinking about each other.  Cicely does make it very clear that while it’s perfectly acceptable for them to explore their mutual attraction nothing permanent can come from their dalliance. 


C.J. struggles with his disinterest in the software company.  In actuality he has far more interest in nurturing the newfound relationship with Cicely and the time he does get to spend at his New York City bar.  Meanwhile Cicely is a leading contender for the Paris position and spends much of her time networking, blogging about fashion and making sure she is ‘in the know’ about everything fashion related.  Her focus is only diverted by her feelings for C.J. and her concern about his trouble dealing with having to straddle the fence on a job he loves versus his family obligations.  The real trouble is that despite their best intentions and determination to keep things on a ‘friends with benefits’ level, doing so is becoming impossible.


WITH JUST ONE KISS is the second title in Francis Ray’s KISS TRILOGY.  After reading A SEDUCTIVE KISS I really looked forward to reading C.J. and Cicely’s story – especially since it was so obvious they rubbed each other the wrong way in the very beginning.  It was great fun to watch their relationship grow even though there’s the looming thought that Cicely would be leaving at some point.  I also enjoyed the drama and turmoil going on in their individual lives.  Ms. Ray brings all the characters in her stories to life in such a way that as reader you feel an emotional attachment to them – and want to know everything there is to know about them.


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