F.M.P Society

Author: Dakota Cassidy

Publisher: Ellora's cave

Release Date: 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Every girl has wished for a fairy godmother, Cara Anthony just received three and just in the nick of time. A certified plain Jane, Cara has had the hots for Alex Mackenzie since the first time she laid eyes on this hunky, sexy toy mogul. The F.M.P society is a group of three supermodels turned fairy godmothers and Cara is their latest project. Armed with hot wax, a hair dryer and a pair of magic shoes the fairies transform Cara into an irresistible woman?. Will Alex notice?

Alex Mackenzie has been trying to gather up enough courage to approach Cara for months. To him, Cara is a beautiful, outgoing and caring woman packaged in a sexy as sin body. The problem is that suddenly, he is not the only one noticing. Competition is coming out of woodwork and Alex is determined to stake his claim before this wonderful woman finds herself another prince charming.


F.M.P SOCIETY is a wonderful tale that clearly shows that the transformation between ugly duckling and gorgeous swan has more to do with confidence than magic shoes. I loved how Cara clings to the magic shoes, wearing them even to bed, showing a vulnerability we all share. Cara and Alex are fantastic characters and the fairy godmothers will make you laugh out loud. We should all be so lucky as to get advice from these three?. F.M.P Society is a solid read that definitely belongs in your TBR pile.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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