Fabric of Faith

Author: Nancy Brandt

Publisher: Wings ePress

Release Date: 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Mary Grace Caster has changed her life around.  She has gone from  being a party girl to becoming a responsible business woman.  She tries to use her newfound religion to help others who have fallen by the wayside.  Her friend Chrissy was living in an abusive relationship and Mary Grace tried very hard to help her get out of it.  There some people who do not want change their lifestyle.  Could she ever show her friend the true way to find peace? 

Dr. Chance Meyers came into her quilting shop to find a home for all the material his late wife had been unable to use.  He feels it is fate that sent him to Mary Grace.  He is a man who has been left with two children and his relationship with his teenage daughter has deteriorated since his wife’s death. How can he reach her when she locks herself in her room and refuses to communicate.  Can Mary Grace, who has found her way to becoming a Christian possibly help him solve his problems too?


FABRIC OF FAITH by Nancy Brandt is a very moving story about finding Christ and turning your life around.  The characters are strong and I found myself so involved with them I read this book in one sitting. I recommend having a hanky handy as the emotions evoked  will definitely flow over to the reader.  I am looking forward to other novels by this excellent author.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Mariah

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