Fabulous Nobodies
By Ann
Sep 4, 2006 - 11:40:00 PM

Reality Nirvana Tuttle is so in.  As the door girl at Less Is More, a Manhattan night club, she is the boss.  She decides who comes in and who doesn't.  If you have the right look or are interesting enough, she will let you in.  Be unique and make a statement but don't be gaudy or trashy.  Besides being a door girl with incredible style, Reality's other job is to be noticed.  She plans to be someone and the key to her success is gossip columnist Hugo Falk.  He'll make her the star she was born to be, at least in her neighborhood; if only he would remember her name.  Along the way, Reality learns that being IN can be hard work.

FABULOUS NOBODIES is a reissue about the satirical view of nightlife in New York during the 80's.  Reality is the ultimate chick whose running commentary about clothes and people is spot on.  It's much easier to be a nobody who blends into the crowd but she certainly isn't one of them.  With her unusual style and flair for life, Reality does her best to capture the attention of Hugo Falk, the local gossip columnist.  I liked how she is confident and proud of who she is.  She isn't afraid of being different and I liked the progression of her character from beginning to end.  She learned that getting what she wanted might not be as important as she first thought.  In a way, it made me realize that any attention might not be the most flattering, especially when it is misconstrued.  The secondary characters are very distinctive and reflect life in the 80's.  They help bring to life what it was like to live in a time when larger than life outfits guaranteed that you'd be noticed.   FABULOUS NOBODIES is a sharp and funny take on life from a young woman who believes that being unique is the only way to be.

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