Face of Submission
By Claudia McRay
Jul 17, 2004 - 12:36:00 PM

Kate was immersed in the world of publishing, which left little time for a personal life.  Her best friend Amy, a frequent visitor to BDSM parties, invited Kate to accompany her to a particular party.

Kate is unsure how to react as she watches scenes unfold at the party, no one seeming to notice what people did to one another or how they were dressed.  She peers around the room, unsure what she's suppose to do.  Her eyes connect with the man who will be introduced to her as Kevin.  Suddenly, there is nothing in the world except his eyes that seem to draw her into their depths.  They are introduced to one another; they leave the party together.  From that moment on, they're inseparable.  Finally, Kevin talks her into moving into his home with him.  Kate gives up her position at work to become slave to the man she has come to love.

A man from Kevin's past visits one weekend and the world that they've become familiar and comfortable with suddenly becomes a living hell.  The visitor is the former Master to Kevin and constantly refers to him as his boy toy.

Kate is frightened of this man; however, Kevin doesn't recognize the danger that he has plunged them into by inviting this man into their home.  He takes over.  What ensues is a dangerous, for Kate, journey into the sadistic side of the Master/slave relationship.

At one point, neither Kate nor Kevin is sure that they will survive the weekend.  Claire Thompson writes quite vividly of the seamier side of this kind of relationship.  FACE OF SUBMISSION is not for the squeamish; however, if you really want to get a picture of the life at its worse, I recommend this book.  Claire has handled it with grace and understanding.     

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