Faer Fetched
By Bea Sigman
Sep 23, 2003 - 8:13:00 PM

Being a changeling, Mac is used to a bit of magic.  But since he is only half Fae, he doesn’t have the power it would take to bring a woman and himself into limbo.  So how did he end up in this hotel room with a very sexy, responsive woman?  Not to mention getting the best sex of his life.

The last thing Danice remembers was leaving the bar after that weird guy told her he could make her deepest fantasies come true.  Like she hasn’t heard that pick-up line before.  She definitely doesn’t remember bringing a guy home to her apartment, but Danice is sure enjoying the erotic things he is doing to her body.


Sated for the moment, reality finally sets into Danice.  How in the world did she end up in a hotel, with this hunk and absolutely no clothes?  Magic!  That’s Mac’s answer.  Now they just have to wait to see who put them there and how long they are going to be stuck together.  But in the mean time, why waste a perfectly good bed, right?


After reading this extraordinary short story by Ms. Warren, I have become a huge fan.  Packed with a bit of magic, some steamy sex and a bit of humor, makes this story a must read for everyone who loves to read erotica.  I can’t wait to get my hands on her next book, FIGHTING FAER.

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