Fair Game, Inc.
By Grace
Sep 18, 2004 - 1:47:00 AM

Amber Shaw's private investigation practice specializes in helping dumped lovers exact revenge on their exes.  Her latest case seems straightforward.  Sandy wants Amber to embarrass Roger at the restaurant where he broke up with her.  He's been seen there with his new girlfriend, and Sandy wants payback.

The plan is simple.  Walk in, verify that Roger Charles is dining at his favorite table, dump a bucket of ice in his lap, inform him of Sandy's vengeance, and make her escape.  Amber spots Roger right away and advances toward his table.  A prickle at the back of her neck suggests something is amiss, but a second glance at her photo of Cheating Roger confirms that she has the right target in her sights. 


She dumps the ice, tosses her business card on the table, and prepares to leave the restaurant.  'FAIR GAME, INC:  Don't get mad, get even.'


As she turns from the sputtering man at the table, a second Roger appears.  An identical twin.  And Amber's iced the wrong man.


Grayson Charles is cold, wet, and angry.  And he's a lawyer.  He decides to take Amber to court, even though no real crime has occurred.  It's his only means of settling the score for embarrassing him and ruining his evening.


The judge sentences Amber to pay Grayson's dry cleaning bill and to work at his office every evening for a month to pay him for his time.  Their close proximity demonstrates there are more than sparks of anger flying between the unlikely pair.  But Amber's past threatens to separate them, and a scent of danger stirs the air.  Can Amber trust Grayson to stay with her through thick and thin?   And can he keep her out of trouble, considering her chosen profession?


FAIR GAME, INC. is a fun read with a generous helping of sensuality and romance.  The undercurrent of suspense carries the action, neatly balancing the romantic tension.  Fast, compelling entertainment.

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