Fairy Godlover
By Miaka
Dec 1, 2004 - 5:14:00 PM

Kelsey Schroder is a hard-working, selfless woman who helps feed and clothe the homeless. On one special day, Kelsey arrives home to find a letter from Faerie Guardians, Inc. telling her that she should expect to receive a Fairy Guardian soon. More than a bit skeptical at receiving this missive, Kelsey is surprised when her guardian actually arrives, and resultantly changes her life forever.

Sebastian Phate is shocked when he arrives in Kelsey's bedroom. Since he is generally assigned to disadvantaged kids, he is completely unprepared to find Kelsey as his assignment. Once Kelsey and Sebastian come to terms with their unconventional partnership, they embark on a daring sensual adventure that indulges Kelsey's every sexual fantasy, and then some.

Devi Sparks debut novel, FAIRY GODLOVER is outstanding! It is hard for me not to gush over how much I enjoyed reading this book. Kelsey and Sebastian are wonderful characters; each putting the other's needs above their own. Kelsey is a strong woman who has been unable to find fulfilling relationships, especially, sexual relationships. Once Sebastian comes along, Kelsey is able to be her true sexual self. It was very refreshing to read about a heroine who has a potent sexual appetite, and who finds a man who not only accepts her sexuality, but also fulfills her desire.

The sexual chemistry between the main characters is nothing short of explosive. These were some of the hottest love scenes I have read EVER! Nothing is taboo between this couple, and I mean, nothing! I made the mistake of reading some of this book at work...and I was never so happy to get home and finish it.

I loved FAIRY GODLOVER, and would recommend it to anyone who loves a heartwarming, character-driven story with explosive sex. This story is a fine example of what erotica is all about. Bravo, Ms. Sparks!

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