Damaged Heroes, Book Four: Faith of the Heart

Author: Sandy James

Publisher: BookStrand

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sarah is a faith healer, but she has not always been one.  It was not until lightning struck her at a very low point in her life that she was given this gift.  Leaving the hospital afterwards, she happened to pick up a sick child and the child was suddenly well.  Sarah blames herself for the death of her very dear friend Charlie.  She did not actually kill him, but, if she had not been so drunk, she could probably have prevented his death.  She lives with this and a hope with each healing that she is redeeming herself a little more.  Sarah lives with her sister and brother-in-law now.  She and her sister have never been friends, but Sarah needs help now.  She heals as many as she can, but when the healing is done, she blacks out for several hours.  Her health is deteriorating and she is cold all the time.  Though she does not want any money for her services, her sister Hannah charges the people thousands of dollars while Sarah blacks out. 

Joshua Miller lost his wife a year ago.  She had done everything she could to stay with her husband and their daughter Libby, even going to a faith healer.  However, nothing worked.  Joshua watched the cancer and the chemo work away at her day by day.  After the funeral, he took Libby and went away to their ranch in Montana.  Josh, a reporter, has not worked since his wife’s death.  Even his daughter, a child prodigy, who graduated high school at twelve, is eager for him to go back to work and get into the swing of things again.


Trying to get Josh interested in going back to work, Ross, who is married to Josh’s close cousin, tells Josh about a faith healer who claims to heal people and then charges them thousands of dollars.  If anything could get Josh back to work, this was it. Upon meeting her, he is, at first, skeptical.  However, when he sees Sarah mend a bird with a broken leg, he starts to become convinced.  As he tries to get answers from her and spends time around her, he begins to fall for her.  Trying to clear his confusion, he decides to write two stories, one, which condemns her as a thief, who uses sick people was only for him so he could work it out of his system.  The other one would be the true story, but he needed to see Sarah first.  While he was gone to see her, his editor called and spoke to Libby.  The editor was demanding the story and Libby decided to help her dad.  So, seeing the story was already complete, she faxed it to his editor.  Now, what will happen when Sarah reads the newspaper and finds that Josh has publicly branded her a thief?  Is this the end for any future between Josh and Sarah?


FAITH OF THE HEART, the fourth book in Sandy James’ DAMAGED HEROES series is a tender, heartwarming romance, which is unforgettable.  It may move you through a range of emotions, from laughter to tears.  Sarah felt so bad about Charlie’s death that she feels she must save as many people as she can in spite of the detriment to her health.  She feels this is the only way she can gain forgiveness for his death.  Sarah’s only life is saving people, for which she wants nothing in return.  The doctor’s reports confirm that they are healed.  Sarah even keeps a photo of each patient she has healed and posts them on her wall, feeling closer to them than her own sister.  Josh feels even worse knowing there was a way he could have saved his wife, but seeing Sarah’s kind and selfless manner with everyone, he falls for her.  Sarah is one DAMAGED HERO that I would not mind imitating.  We need more kind and unselfish people like her.  Filled with humor, spirituality, an uplifting plot, well-drawn charismatic characters and a tender romance, this unforgettable story is a winner.  I recommend FAITH OF THE HEART to anyone looking for a great read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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