Faking It
By Evelyn
Jun 20, 2011 - 6:17:46 AM

Matriarch Gwen is doodling teeth all over everything and self-medicating with vodka and Double Crostics.  Her oldest daughter, Eve, has an extra personality who dances in a club two nights a week.  Nadine, her granddaughter is a teenager who is ready to take over the family business as soon as she can figure out what it is.  And trying to hold them all together is Gwen youngest daughter, Matilda.  To save the struggling gallery, the Goodnights have had to resort to renting the upstairs rooms to strangers.  That plus the additional stress of supporting her loving but wacky family has all but paralyzed Tilda.

Enter Davy Dempsey, a reformed con man who has come to town to reclaim some money stolen by a former lover.  Davy is instantly intrigued by Tilda and, after a chance encounter in a closet, rents a room in the Goodnight Gallery.  As intrigue turns to complete attraction, Davy must use all the tricks in his arsenal – and reluctantly, if effortlessly, return to a life of crime – to win her over.

Tilda is captivated by Davy the moment they meet.  Despite his witty charm, Tilda is unable to let herself go; the stress caused by keeping too many secrets leaves her afraid of unleashing her inner vamp.  But Davy isn’t willing to give up, and soon makes himself indispensable to the whole family.  Soon even her family is encouraging her to give in to her needs and desires.  But before she can truly accept and express her feelings, Tilda must recover a group of paintings that could reveal the Goodnight’s deception to the world – and she’s going to need Davy to help.

With her characteristic sarcastic wit, Jennifer Crusie has written a truly great novel in FAKING IT.  Most enjoyable are the secondary characters – Tilda’s family and the various unusual tenants of the Goodnight Gallery.   This book begs to be read in one sitting – and I found myself unable to put it down for more than a few minutes at a time!  Full of craziness, ambiguity and true romance, FAKING IT is one of Crusie’s best! 

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