Fallen Angels

Author: Lori Foster

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: February 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Dane Carter has returned to the bosom of his family for one reason only, to unearth the circumstances surrounding his twin brother’s death.  His family, accepting that it was an accident, has asked Dane to pretend to be Derek to avoid panic among the company’s stockholders.  Dane intends to use his position to discover the truth and plans to start with the woman from whom “Derek” has just received a letter, Angel Morris.  Angel is hoping that in the months since she has seen Derek he changed his mind about wanting to be part of their son’s life.  As angry as she is at him for some of the things he did and even though she is secretly terrified of his controlling family, she needs help and he is the only person to whom she can turn.  Lori Foster’s book, BEGUILED, will forever remain on my list of favorite books. This story introduced me to the “modern” romance book, Ms. Foster’s writing and her phenomenal ability to create a world that is so real I want to get to know all of her characters better.

The second story in the anthology, FALLEN ANGELS, is the reprint of what is perhaps the most sought after and hard to find of Ms. Foster’s backlist, WANTON.  This is the story of Celia Carter, Dane’s sister, and his best friend, Private Investigator, Alec Sharpe.  Celia has always driven Alec crazy but never more so than when she left the family owned business and went to work for Dane at his Private Investigations firm.  He can’t stand the thought of her putting herself in any kind of danger and her latest case is clearly going to get her in over her head in danger.  She will not like it, in fact she will HATE it, but he is going to do whatever is necessary to keep her safe even if it means staying close to her day and night.  Celia is determined to prove that she has what it takes to be a Private Investigator.  She knows that this case is going to be dangerous.  She is scared, but she is going to solve it, and no one, especially not too dark and sexy for his own good Alec Sharpe, is going to stop her.  I’ve yet to read a Lori Foster book and not fall in love with the hero but Alec is and always will be my favorite.  He is dangerous and intimidating and such a teddy bear.  Where Celia is concerned that it is impossible not to love him. 


Ms. Foster concludes this anthology with the sizzling story UNCOVERED.  Clair Caldwell and Harris Black are friends, and jogging partners.  They would each like more, but refuse to risk their friendship by acting on those desires.  While responding to a fire in Clair’s building, Harris finds a box containing very erotic photos of a gorgeous woman and a letter explaining to her lover why she cannot continue her relationship with him. She is in love with Harris.  He becomes obsessed with finding this mystery woman and vows to move heaven and earth to locate her.  Clair is mortified when she sees the photos that Harris has found and is furious with her ex-boyfriend for taking pictures of her without her knowledge.  Since her face is averted and she is not immediately recognizable she thinks that she is safe until she realizes how infatuated Harris is.  Clair must make a decision.  Should she try to keep him from discovering the truth or should she seduce him senseless so that he totally forgets about his mystery woman?  In FALLEN ANGELS Ms. Foster does a remarkable job of combining the old with the new and tying together three scrumptious heroes. 


The characters, humor, romance and suspense of Lori Foster’s world held me spellbound and left me looking at the calendar wondering how long it will be before we can visit again.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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