Fallen Too Far

Author: Abbi Glines

Publisher: Abbi Glines

Release Date: December 16, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5/Recommended Read

Format: Book/Ebook

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Blaire Wynn has only her mother left in her life; sadly her mother passes away after a three year bout with cancer. Blaire’s twin sister had been killed in a car crash where their dad was driving five years prior. Blaire’s father subsequently could not handle the grief, leaving not soon after, abandoning her and her mother.

Now the only person Blaire can turn to is the father who deserted them. He expresses that she can come live with him and his new wife until she can get back on her feet. At nineteen years of age, Blaire has seen more sorrow than someone twice her age. With only an old truck, a suitcase, very little money and her gun, she arrives at her father’s house.

The house she arrives at is a fancy beach home. Blaire discovers the house does not belong to her father—nor is he even in the country—but to the most arrogant man, Rush Finlay, the only son of a very famous rock star. Too gorgeous for his own good, he treats Blaire with disdain at their meeting. Yet he lets Blaire stay at his home, under the stairs in a tiny room meant for a servant. Women are for one thing only, pleasure, and then they are discarded like a used tissue. Rush is as jaded as a man can be. The shining personality of Blaire takes him by storm. For once in his life, a woman steals his heart before he even realizes it, and he finds himself hopelessly in love with a woman who he is in jeopardy of losing now.

Not all things are what they seem and some secrets can shred the fragile strands of what one calls love.

FALLEN TOO FAR is by author Abbi Glines. This book is a total keeper. I have reread it at least six times and I am sure I will read it many more times in the future. Ms. Glines is an exceptional storyteller. Both Blaire and Rush are captivating and irresistible as I read their tale of developing attraction. The love scenes can only be described as scorching! I highly recommend FALLEN TOO FAR. I cannot wait for the continuation of Blaire and Rush’s story in Never Too Far to find out how their story plays out.      


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Janalee

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