Falling For A Father
By Patti Fleishman
Jan 17, 2004 - 4:09:00 AM

At 29 years of age, Lucy Blake figured her time to find that special someone and live happily ever after was long gone.  She didn't want to settle for just anyone and she didn't want to change herself, either.  She wanted someone to fall in love with her just as she was. 

Her profession as a History teacher, along with English and Drama took up a good portion of her time.  She was also one of the caretakers of the museum at the school, which housed some of the important treasures of their beloved Diamond City, the town in which they all lived.


While Lucy was in the museum before classes started, she realized one of their most prestigious paintings was missing.  She kept looking, focusing her eyes on the spot where it used to hang, but it was definitely not there.  Who could have taken their highly esteemed Reginald Diamond?


It had been a major find for Lucy when she came across it quite by accident.  Knowing what an important discovery this was she donated her acquisition to the school museum.  Each time she stepped foot inside those hallowed walls, her first stop was to see Reggie and swell with pride at what she had accomplished for her school.


But, first things first - she must quickly find Roger Jordan, the Principal of St. Augustine's to let him know what happened. 


Still very upset, Lucy manages to run from the museum right across the wet lawn of the school.  Unfortunately, her shoes had a mind of their own.  They decided it would be much more fun to hinder Lucy and cause her embarrassment.  Next thing Lucy knew she was falling to the ground.  She could only imagine what she looked like.  From there her day went haywire.


Trying to get up, she wasn't aware that there was someone standing over her trying to help.  It was only when she made contact with his elbow and flailed even more that she realized she wasn't alone. 


Almost as if a prayer had been answered, she looked up and stared into one of the most handsome faces she had ever seen.  The eyes looking back at her were filled with fire and a highly erotic sparkle.  This couldn't be happening to her.  Here she was down on the ground at the feet of the man of her dreams only to look up to find him wearing a collar; he was a man of the cloth.  What a terrible trick fate was playing on her. In those first few moments she was sure she saw something pulling her inside those magnificent eyes.  The expression upon his face was one of desire and passion.  How could this be explained? He was a priest.


Welcome to St. Augustine's, Father Xavier.  It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.  But, things are not as they seem.  Sometimes when you least expect it, prayers are answered, though they might be a bit distorted at first.  


What you'll discover in this wonderfully written novel is a superb dialogue between the characters.  Catriona J. Reynolds has taken your normal everyday characters and turned them into pieces of art.  They have minds that are overflowing with humor.  I found this to be most entertaining, as it gave the story a semblance of reality and made for some very believable characters.


You'll meet Lucy's best friend and roommate, Julia, who is like the best friend everyone would like to have.  She's fun and full of mischief.  Another character, although not quite human, is Julia's pet cockatoo, Snigger. You'll discover detectives that have more on their mind than solving the crime.  And there is a bit of nostalgia, too.  I have been humming a famous Dean Martin song ever since I read the opening sentence to this delightful story. 


Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you Catriona J. Reynolds.  FALLING FOR A FATHER is her first novel and I can't imagine it will be her last.  She has a wonderful way with words and her talent with humor is one I have enjoyed greatly.



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