Taking Chances, Book 1 - Falling For Sharde

Author: Marilyn Lee

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: September 13, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Sharde Donovan has worked for Calder Technologies as a Technology Manager for nine years. Over the years she's watched Jefferson suffer through broken hearts twice. She's decided it's time they stopped being buddies or Sharde's fantasies may just overheat her already in overdrive libido. Full figured and black she doesn't think she has any chance with her ideal man.

Jefferson Calder isn't about to hurt the friendship he has with Sharde by using her for sex. He doesn't believe he has anything else to offer a woman. Relationships haven't worked out very well for him in the past. He's dated the classic blonde bimbos who are only after his money and what they can get from him.


After yet another vivid dream starring Jefferson, Sharde has come to the conclusion that she cannot continue with Jefferson as only his friend. They spend so much time together, hopefully it won't be that difficult to get Jefferson to see her as a desirable woman. She'll give herself one month to get him to notice her, otherwise, as much as she loves her job and loves Jefferson, she'll move on and start a new life somewhere else. When Jefferson's frustration leads him to decide to spend a few days at his cabin and he invites Sharde along, she sees it as the ideal opportunity to get him to notice her. Once at the cabin, finding the electricity out, snow falling, and the ground icy. Jefferson's tempted to forget the whole thing and go back home, while Sharde sees this as the perfect romantic opportunity. After getting out of the car, together, they slip and fall, with Sharde landing on top of Jefferson. Sharde takes advantage of the situation and begins kissing Jefferson until he verbally and physically rejects her, leaving her broken hearted. Hurt Sharde storms into the cabin, leaving Jefferson to ponder of what had occurred. Comfortable with their friendship, he'd never thought of Sharde in a romantic sense. After receiving a lip lock that aroused him in a shocking way, he decides that Sharde simply needs sex's sake, and he could do that for her. After all, isn't that what he wants too? They have the whole long weekend to tap into their passions and when it's over, they go back to life as it's always been. That is what he wants, right? However, once the weekends over and they return to the 'real world', Jefferson's still interested in continuing their sexual relationship. In order to protect her heart from further damage, Sharde's determined that once the weekend is over there will be no further interludes - as per their agreement.


FALLING FOR SHARDE is a cute tale of long time friends and co-workers Sharde and Jefferson. Jefferson's fearful of losing a very good friend if he has a physical relationship with Sharde. Sharde's already lost her heart to Jefferson, but he's already been burned twice by women, and she doesn't believe he'll be able to love her as she needs to be loved. This story contains very hot sex scenes, and emotionally charged situations that will leave the reader with an excellent understanding of the characters confusion about their feelings. I'd be interested in another story with Darbi and Clayton getting together. They'd make an interesting couple.


Marilyn Lee handles the issue of interracial relationships in a thoughtful and encouraging manner.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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