Falling Into You
By Janalee
Apr 19, 2013 - 10:20:15 AM

Nothing like growing up with someone pretty much since the womb. Nell and Kyle practically did. Their mothers are good friends and Nell and Kyle were born only hours apart. They grow up doing most everything together as best friends. At sixteen, a boy asks Nell out and Kyle cannot stand it. He has stronger feelings for Nell and lets her know. It is at that time that Nell sees Kyle through the eyes of more than a friend, on a more romantic level. At the age of eighteen, they leave for a weekend to be alone, then tragedy strikes when Kyle is struck down by a fallen tree and dies right before Nell’s eyes.

Colton is Kyle’s older brother who leaves home at an early age to find his own place in life. That place he ends up is the mean streets of New York City. For a while, Colton literally lives and sleeps on park benches and under bridges to survive. One lonely night he fights a bum for a place to sleep and is seen fighting. He is offered a job fighting for money. He takes it. Along the way, Colton finds himself in a gang as their enforcer. He figures out that this life is not for him and starts a business fixing up cars and gets his life somewhat straightened out. Then, Nell steps back into his life after meeting her briefly at his brother’s funeral. There she is on the streets of New York watching him sing and play his guitar. The attraction he felt for her two years ago comes rushing back. What is she doing in New York?

Nell cannot believe her eyes when she sees Colton singing on the streets of New York. Even after two years, he still stirs desire in her. She should not feel this way; he is the brother of her first love, Kyle. Something so wrong seems so right in ways Nell does not understand. Nell has not gotten over Kyle’s death and is slowly going downhill in her personal life. Colton draws so many feelings to the surface, yet he will become a lifeline toward forgiveness not only for herself but maybe he needs her as much as she needs him. Love is a strange avenue that one embarks on. Nell is going to take that street with Colton and hopefully discover the healing of love again...

FALLING INTO YOU is by author Jasinda Wilder. Ms. Wilder has a beautiful and reverent voice. The emotions she gives Nell and Colton took my breath away. I found myself in tears to the point that I had to stop reading to get a grip before I could start reading again. This is an author with tremendous talent to move a reader with only words. Ms. Wilder has the voice of an angel!

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