Falling Star

Author: Dara Edmondson

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: August 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Dante Ebersol is desperate to please his father, CEO of Ebersol Productions.  The last idea he came up with went disastrously wrong and his father has already warned Dante that one more strike and he’s out.  He’s positive he has the ideal show idea to jumpstart his career but getting his father to believe in him is proving to be impossible.

Jolie Farnsworth was once a child star who is now finding it impossible to find work.  Her husband, one time member of the rock band Cracked Mirror, hasn’t brought home a paycheck in a very long time and she’s in danger of going broke.  Her only hope is that her agent finds her some sort of work but she really doesn’t want to do a reality show.


Dante’s dream of becoming a respected producer is about to go down the tubes unless he can come up with a pathetic has-been star who’ll agree to allow them access to every aspect of her/his life.  His staff has several candidates but none of them really seem ‘right’ to Dante.  It isn’t until his troubled brother shows up at his door and moves into his home for a while that Jolie Farnsworth becomes an entirely feasible possibility.  During the course of one of Dante and Mike’s conversations, his brother mentions that she’d be perfect.  Granddaughter to the well-known Henry Farnsworth, married to a has-been heavy metal rock star from the nineties, her father committed suicide, and her mother was a minor actress - she’s exactly what they need to make the reality show a success.


The big problem is once they start filming the production crew discovers that Jolie isn’t messed up.  Everyone around her is!  Her husband, Lane, is a terrible slob and lazy to boot and has some serious secrets he’s kept hidden.  Her maid, Hilda, is anything but subservient, and Jolie has nothing to do with her mother who’s hurt her consistently.  Dante soon finds himself falling for Jolie and stunned at why she’d stay with a man like Lane, but it isn’t until a camera crew follows Lane about town that they discover some damning evidence that would break her heart.  Dante’s torn between his dreams of a hit show and his growing affection for Jolie and the fact that Lane’s secret effects his own family as well simply complicates things.  Jolie would never cheat on her husband but she’s starved for affection and can’t deny the feelings she’s developing for Dante.  Can Dante achieve his dreams and keep Jolie from appearing foolish on television or will he have to choose?


FALLING STAR by Dara Edmondson is a fun read full of emotional issues, stunning revelations, memorable characters, and a romance that will bring tears to your eyes.  Jolie may have been a star at one time but her need to be loved has never been assuaged.  Her grandfather is the only person who loves her unconditionally and their relationship is very endearing.  Dante is a wonderful man who’s spent his whole life trying to please his demanding father so it really got my heart pounding when he finally takes a stand.  Jolie’s husband Lane is highly unlikable from the very start so I love that he got exactly what he deserves in the end.  Dara Edmondson has certainly begun to make a name for herself in the romance community and I hope that we see many more tales from her in the near future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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