Falling Star
By Katie
Mar 14, 2010 - 12:20:03 PM

Rock star Adam Nash has the whole world at his feet, but because of his reputation as a party hard country and western rock star, the tabloids have a field day with him. Some days he wishes he could just be Adam Herlihey and walk around without the fear of being attacked by fans or the paparazzi. It’s bad enough he forgets important dates, and because of that, he now has to rush and buy birthday flowers for his much beloved assistant, who keeps him in line. He finds a quaint little flower shop and expects the employees to fall all over him as soon as he enters.

Adam is in for a shock because the woman behind the counter has no clue who he is. Jade Graham runs Earth Scents along with her best friend and roommate Dean. Jade and Dean both studied plant science at Berkley and spent the last six years in Columbia, studying and collecting rare plants to develop in the states. Adam is somewhat relieved that Jade is clueless. He quickly becomes smitten with the florist and asks her out to dinner, which she accepts with caution.


Because Adam can have whatever he wants, when he wants it, he’s able to romance Jade without the press breathing down his neck. He wants to keep his identity a secret from Jade as long as he can because with Jade he can relax and feel normal. Soon their short romance becomes intense, and Adam invites Jade away for a weekend on his boat, with the sole purpose of seducing her. But the guilt and fear eats away at him because he’s certain that when Jade discovers his true identity, she’ll feel betrayed and treat him like all the other women who fall at his feet because of his fame and fortune.


FALLING STAR is a fast, sweet and sexy romance with a very down-to-earth woman, who falls for the man behind the spotlight. Adam loves his life and everything he’s worked for, but he longs for a few moments of peace…a time when he can forget all the gossip and rumors about him that the public loves. He’s stunned when he meets Jade because she isn’t one of his adoring fans and he can be anybody with her because she has no expectations.


Jade is wary of Adam at first, but soon their passions collide and they can’t keep from loving one another. Their love scenes are very hot, heavy and occur very quickly. But the fast pace of their relationship doesn’t take away from the overall reading enjoyment.


Olivia Brynn handles Adam’s conflict pretty well and Jade’s reaction is one you would expect. But before things can become too crazy, it all works out, and the everyday, normal girl gets the rock star of her heart who would love nothing more than to float away on his boat and sing songs about their love.


FALLING STAR is an adorable and sexy romance that will leave you with a smile on your face.

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