Family Blessings
By Brooke Wills
Oct 13, 2004 - 12:39:00 AM

It all started with Zack Kelly's long-time dream of buying a boat and sailing for a year with his best friend and their wives. He and Joel Wineberg spent all summer and autumn secretly taking sailing lessons and securing financing for their venture, all the while planning the wonderful surprise they'd spring on Hannah and Sarah.

Loretta Cisco' s world seems to be spiraling out of her control. First a freak tornado ripped through her small town in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Her home with all its memories is swept away leaving her with nothing. And now her beloved triplet grandchildren, all newlyweds, appear to be on the verge of divorce. But there is nothing she can do to help them since they will not confide in her.

The Cisco triplets have always stuck by one another. All just married, they still turn to each other for advice and support. Perhaps that is why none of them are experiencing marital bliss. Sam's wife, Sonia, has left him and he has no idea why or even where she is. Hannah and Sara are sure their husbands, Zack and Joel, are having affairs. Both men are doctors, but even doctors come home once in a while. Lately neither seems to ever leave the office. Or so they claim.

The Trips, as everyone in town knows them, are miserable. But instead of wallowing in it, they suddenly realize that maybe it is time to take charge of their lives and become independent of each other.

FAMILY BLESSINGS, by New York Bestselling Author Fern Michaels arrives just in time for the holidays. This short novelette reads like a full-length book and is packed with the family-tree emotion Michaels is so well known for.

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