Family Secrets

Author: Judith Henry Wall

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Sisters Vanessa, Elie and Georgiana are all disillusioned and unhappy with the lives they’ve been leading up until this point. They’re ready to make changes but it’s hard when you’re stuck in a rut. Their lives are about to take a sudden expected turn when a note from the woman who’d given their father up soon after his birth is found in a Bible which their father kept. With their father’s death still fresh in their minds, the women are stunned to learn that their mother has decided to give up the home they’ve grown up in and move to France to be with a man none of her daughters even know about.

Vanessa’s marriage to Scott has become monotonous. It’s boring and predictable and she longs for intimacy on so many levels that just aren't there with Scott. When she tries to express her feelings about her mother’s move to Paris, all she gets in response is the sound of his snoring.

As an associate editor for the fashion magazine Stiletto, Elie is ‘in the know’ about all the hot spots, styles, and anything else associated with the ‘good life.’ The career just isn’t enough anymore for her, she longs for marriage and children and a man that would love her - and only her.

Georgiana works as a hand and foot model making an ungodly amount of money for her time. Even though it’s been a profitable job for her, she desires something more meaningful than constantly worrying about the condition of her hands and feet.

Wile their mother’s unexpected move to Paris throws all of the women into a tailspin, the mysterious note from their father’s natural mother to the woman who raised him has them all curious about this paternal grandmother. Who is she and why did she choose to give her child up? And why did she want to keep her existence a secret from him? Vanessa, Ellie and Georgiana are determined to find the answers to their questions and all they have to go on is the name she signed to the letter sixty-one years ago and the postmark on the envelope which was mailed from Deer Lodge, Montana. Together the women set out for Montana. Maybe along the way reconnect with each other in a way they haven’t for a very long time as well as rediscover the people they were each meant to be before life and everyday demands got in the way.

Judith Henry Wall’s FAMILY SECRETS is an unexpected treat. While not being the type of book I would have normally selected I was intrigued by the characters and found myself eagerly reading to find out what would happen next. There was always something that captured my interest and kept me with my nose glued to the pages. I was especially intrigued by the women’s mother’s ‘out of the blue’ decision to move to Paris. It’s obvious she loves her daughters but it just seemed like an odd move to make. Then we have the issue of Hattie and the note. If you’re expecting some little old lady in a rocking chair well, you’re dead wrong and I was stunned when the truth of the whole situation was revealed. This is one book you won’t want to miss. It has it all - a little romance, lots of suspense, characters you’ll want to get to know, but most importantly friendship and family support.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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