Family in His Heart
By Amelia
Jan 28, 2008 - 2:52:51 PM


Rona jumps into action when the waitress at the Harbor Inn walks off the job. Being a waitress isn't new to Rona, she knows how to do an excellent job. This isn't the kind of job she wanted, but just having moved to the Les Cheneaux area, she needs the money. She doesn't want to pay rent on her little cabin for much longer, an apartment would be much better. Hessel is the town where she spent some time as a child, so she is not a complete stranger. Taking a chance, she calls on an old friend from her childhood. Mrs. Bailey has the kind of home that Rona longed for while growing up. Shirley Bailey's home was full of love, sunshine and a coziness, so comforting to a hurting child. Rona wants to get in touch with someone familiar in her past and being with Mrs. Bailey holds good memories.

Nick Thornton is a respected member of the community. He is well known and liked by everyone, except by his sixteen year-old son, Gary. They have a wall between them that they can not get past or penetrate. Nick is desperate for help not only with Gary, but in dealing with the demons of his past. Nick feels he is the one responsible for his wife's death.

Rona strikes Nick's heart from the moment she takes t he waitress job at the Harbor Inn. He doesn’t know what the drawing power is, but he finds himself thinking about her and longing to see her each day. Could it be her confidence to help when the other waitress walked out, or maybe it is her caring personality? Whatever it is, he plans to eat at the Harbor Inn whenever possible just to see Rona.


Rona has a bright smile, but beneath all that, he can see the darkness of pain. He wants to offer her a job, but stalls. After all, they only just met and he doesn’t want to come off too strong. His job offer of a housekeeper is listed in the paper and it includes room and board. Rona has just accepted a job at the Harbor Inn. He couldn’t just suddenly ask her to quit and work for him, or could he?

G limpses of Rona’s past filter through as she struggles to feel safe. Memories of how her drunken father abused her and her mother are remembered vividly. Her brother is in jail and could be paroled this month. Her brother conned her into driving a get away car on a robbery and she landed in jail. She worries, with her past, how she can ever fit into Nick's world.

Will Nick and his worldly son ever get back together as a loving Christian family? Will the Godly morals that Nick tries to instill in Gary continually be replaced by his drinking, lying, and disrespect? Nick and Gary's worlds clash like a time-honored dance, but as in everything, only time and God can give the answers they are fighting to find.

Again, Gail Gaymer Martin has written an incredible story. With each book she writes, the characters get more vivid and the settings are so real that it is like you are walking the streets with them. This novel will have you wanting to shake some sense into Gary, to get him to listen. Anyone with children can relate to Nick’s problems. FAMILY IN HIS HEART, may even help you in finding the way to cope with your own way-word child. I kept turning the pages, to find out what happened in Rona's life that has her on the run. Can Rona and Nick get beyond the past and head toward the future that God has planned for them?


This is definitely a book you’ll want to read, and then pass on to family and friends. Your heart will break as you read about Rona and Nick's struggle to get through the problems that come against them. Actually, I think I’ll curl up on the sofa and read it again.

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