Fang Shui
By Angel
Mar 5, 2007 - 10:50:00 AM

Jade is an interior decorator and is trying to establish herself.  She hits a lucky streak when her friend hires her to decorate the mansion of a very important person.  Jade is certain that this is her big break and will lead to many more opportunities to make herself a household name.  What she doesn’t figure on is the owner of the mansion taking a serious interest in her.

Drake is used to women falling all over him, so when he finds a new designer to decorate his home he figures things will be no different.  He never expected someone as unique as Jade to walk into his life and completely change him.  Now the only thing he can think about is getting Jade into his bed, but what secrets will he uncover in the process?


FANG SHUI is an awesome tale with plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader in a constant state of wonder.  Jade is feisty with a spunky attitude that leaves you laughing in enjoyment.  Drake is sexy without a doubt and used to getting his way.  It is a refreshing change to see the heroine go head to head with the hero.  I loved this story and found it to be highly entertaining.  Lynn Warren is an amazing author and readers will surely love her story of romance.

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