Fantasies R Us
By Shayla
Apr 1, 2005 - 3:17:00 AM

Plain-Jane Jayne Applegate is tired of being a thirty year old virgin. She decides to go to a spa where fantasies come to life, for a hefty price.  Once she is there she changes her mind but can't get the doors to open nor do any of the holograms help her in escaping. After showing her all kinds of men she sees the one she wants. Prince Charming is all that she has dreamed of and more. He initiates her in things she never thought were possible. Her weekend ends up being a mess, the Seven Dwarfs visit her as do Robin Hood and his Merry Men. After ending up in the Three Bears home she pushes the panic button and ends her dream filled weekend. Devastated, Jayne throws a fit and gets a full week with Prince Charming. She comes to know and love him as Michael.

Michael wanted a week filled with teaching a virgin the rights of passage. He wanted to atone for his ways in the past. Michael never thought that he would fall in love. After their weekend filled with unexpected fairytale characters Michael complains and insists they bring back Jayne to finish out his prepaid week long fantasy. After their week long stay in fantasy land they part ways. After three months Michael goes back to Fantasies R Us and threatens them to get Jayne's address. Is she the same as he remembers or has she moved on? 


Ms Romano touched something deep inside me with the character Jayne who reminds me of a lot of women today. Michael is the perfect man to teach women how to appreciate their bodies. FANTASIES R US is all the things fantasies are made of. I laughed through parts of the book. Ms Romano's FANTASIES R US is as close as it gets to the perfect fantasy world.  After reading this book you will never view fairytales the same way again.

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