Midsummer Night's Steam--Fantasmagorical
By Lacey
Aug 5, 2007 - 6:36:30 PM

makes your every fantasy come true…or so the brochure said. Evan Knight had her disbeliefs coming to Fantasmagorical Resort, but soon found out the brochure gave the guests every thing it claimed. Arriving with a friend, Evan is thrust into a world where nothing was off limits—her every fantasy becoming a reality. Evan finds herself in the throes of two gorgeous men willing to give her all the pleasure she can handle…and then some.

Gabe and Lance sought only one thing—a woman to make them complete. With Gabe’s billionaire uncle funding the private island, the two men had their choice of plenty of beautiful women. None of the women could possibly satisfy Gabe and Lace or make them complete. That is until sexy Evan comes ashore and is game for whatever they have in mind…


Unexpectedly, a week at Fantasmagorical Resort makes Evan suddenly feel whole. Is she the one woman that the two men have been looking for? Could they be what she has lacked in her life? Time is running out on her weekly stay and once she leaves, she knows she cannot look back. Will she really be ready to give it all up?


Part of the Midsummer Night’s Steam series, FANTASMAGORICAL is a passionate tale of fantasies becoming reality. Ms. McKenna has a way of grabbing the reader’s attention from the very first page and never letting it go until the very last. A highly erotic tale, every scene was tastefully written and H-O-T, hot! Annmarie McKenna is definitely an author to look out for. I’m looking forward to reading more of her future works.

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