Fantasy Man
By natasha2
Jun 15, 2009 - 8:59:31 PM

FANTASY MAN by Tuesday Morrigan is a delightful story of mystery and sexual fulfillment.  Sophia has worked as a consultant for Ansley Westwick on several occasions but has only ever spoken to him on the phone.  She helps him to acquire rare and unique art pieces.  His voice is so sexy she fantasizes about him and dubs him "Fantasy Man".  She is afraid to meet him because she does not want to ruin the mystery. He soon calls her with an offer to retrieve a rare suit of armor, and she cannot refuse him.  She also cannot deny any longer that she is very attracted to him though she has not seen him. The feelings are reciprocated as Ansley cannot wait to meet her either.  They have flirted with each other over the phone and email.  He is anxiously awaiting the meeting.

The coat of armor they seek is suspected to be in the home of Jacob Bainsworth, a rich recluse who throws a biennial party at his estate.  According to his sources Ansley finds out the party is about exploring sexual fantasies!  Could he get Sophia to go through with their plan and pretend to be a loving couple or will she balk at the prospect of sexual exploration with him?  They are both prompted to write down their fantasies and at appointed times they will get to act them out.  Ansley and Sophia find that they have similar fantasies as well as some strong feelings towards each other.  They are both afraid to take their relationship to the next level, thinking the other does not feel the same.  The fact that they are an interracial couple does not deter them.

This is a steamy, hot erotic exploration of self for Sophia and Ansley.  They are pushed to extremes and find they do not break.  I felt that Mrs. Morrigan dealt with the race issue differently. She gave descriptions but she did not deal with the issues of insecurity or doubt with interracial relationships.  FANTASY MAN is refreshing and hot.  They were each others match sexually and intellectually.  I found this to be a very enjoyable read.

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