Fantasy World

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: January 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Lisa Renee Jones's book FANTASY WORLD is an exhilarating tale of the private fantasies of Jill Green and Ryan Monroe. Jill just landed a new job in advertising and decides to go out celebrating with her best friend at an exclusive New York nightclub. Her best friend doesn't show, which leaves Jill all alone in the company of handsome and charismatic Ryan Monroe. They hit it off right away and head back to his apartment for a night of spectacular love making. Jill is shocked with herself in the morning because she has never acted that way before. She leaves Ryan a note and disappears out of his life forever; or so she thinks.

Two weeks later Jill starts her new job at Carlson, only to discover her dream man isn't gone from her life. Instead, Ryan is her new boss! Jill is shocked and apprehensive, but Ryan is ecstatic as he hasn't been able to get Jill off of his mind. Ryan finally convinces Jill to give their affair a chance, and they enter into a world of sexual titillation where anything is possible. Jill is still worried about being discovered, but Ryan is in love and wants the entire world to know. He wants to make their fantasy world a reality, much to Jill's chagrin. He has to convince her to want the same thing.


FANTASY WORLD is an amazing tale of seduction and love that showcases two great characters. Both Ryan and Jill are independent, ambitious, and scared to let down their guard when it comes to love. The dialogue was witty and romantic, the love scenes sensual, and the passion between the two characters was great. This was a wonderful story that has an interesting plot, intriguing characters, and a superb love story to match.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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