Author: Michele Bardsley

Publisher: NAL Trade

Release Date: November 6, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Fantasyland is an extraordinary resort, catering exclusively to adults. There are different islands in the Fantasyland chain that caters to your desires, no matter what your wildest fantasy might be.  

Carrie Tremont has a secret fantasy that she’s never shared with her husband Greg. When Greg overhears the details, he arranges for Carrie to experience what she desires most at the Ile de Plaisir. Will Greg be able to go through with the difficult choice? What effect will it have on their marriage?


Photographer Jake Malone’s brother gave him a ticket to the Isle of Fetishes’ Voyeur Village. Unfortunately, Jake is bored in paradise. However, when he happens across the lovely Rhiannon tied to a palm tree, Jake realizes that his vacation has just taken a turn for the better. A frustrated Rhiannon is ready to pack up and head home as soon as she gets free. Can he convince Rhiannon to give the island another chance? Will she give him a chance as well?


Romance author Lissa McClaskey’s loves to write about pirates. Her sister, who is also her assistant, has booked her a room on Pirate Island. Her sister becomes ill shortly before the trip. Sam Tremont, her sister’s handsome best friend, is Lissa’s temporary assistant. Although Lissa cannot help thinking naughty thoughts about Sam, she believes that he is too young for her. When a mysterious stranger sends her an invitation to the nightly pirate raid, Lissa sees it as her chance to put Sam out of her mind.   She might also have some fun in the process. Lissa gives Sam the night off to have fun with someone his own age.   During the raid, she is captured by a virile pirate and whisked to his cave for a night of debauchery. How far should she let the sexy pirate go in his plundering?   Why does her heart break when she thinks of Sam having fun with some other woman?  


The Isle of Dark Delights caters to those whose fantasies run to bondage and domination. Claire Williams is on the island to assist her boss, Lucius Devereaux, with a photo shoot for his magazine, Bad Boy Magazine. This is her last assignment for Luscious Lucius, as he is known at the magazine. She can no longer bear watching him with other women. When a wrong turn lands her on stage at a slave auction, Claire agrees to one night with the sexy Dom who purchased her. She hopes that by indulging in a one-night stand with the stranger, she can finally get over her fascination with her boss. Can Claire surrender to the seductive stranger when she is already in love with Lucius?


Glenna Rosemont is a guest on the Isle of Romance courtesy of her mother. After a year of not dating, her mother thinks it is time she got back in the game. Faced with a room full of potential dates, only one draws Glenna’s interest. However, Sean is not one of the potential dates; his friends locked him in the room with the prospective dates. Sean is an Island Security Agent and has no desire to be anyone’s fantasy date – until he meets the prim and proper Glenna. Something about her stirs his desire as no one ever did before. Will one night be enough for Sean to sate himself on Glenna’s luscious body? Can Glenna go back to being alone after experiencing ecstasy in Sean’s arms?


Michele Bardsley delivers hot, passionate stories in this super sexy book. FANTASYLAND is filled with hot and sensual heroes and heroines, amazing locations, and scorching sex. The five connected stories are packed with erotic action and deep emotions. I enjoyed each vignette a great deal.   Bardsley’s awesome book makes me wish that FANTASYLAND truly existed. At least Bardsley has given us the next best thing, a wonderful book overflowing with fulfilled fantasies that cater to just about any desire. Pick up a copy of FANTASYLAND and live vicariously through these incredible tales!  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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Romance Junkies Content Editor: Michele

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Robin


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