Far From Here

Author: Nicole Baart

Publisher: Howard Books

Release Date: 2/7/2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Terrified of flying, Danica Greene marries her high school sweetheart who, ironically, is a pilot, Etsell ‘Ell’ Greene.  He dreams of flying all over the world, exploring distant and remote parts of the Earth, but he is willing to mostly forgo his passion to accommodate Dani’s phobia. However, when an opportunity arises to do some flying in Alaska as a favor for a friend, Ell jumps at the chance to spread his wings.  At the end of his trip, his plane disappears, and suddenly Dani’s life is in a free fall.

Through a series of flashbacks, it is revealed that Dani and Ell’s marriage may have been fractured long before Ell left for Alaska.  Helping Dani face her new reality, her mother, Char, and sister, Kat, – each with their own demons – try to convince Dani to return to her life.  But Dani doesn’t quite know what that means without Ell and struggles to define herself and her life without him.

FAR FROM HERE is a touching story about marriage and family.  Dani’s struggles with her future are realistically imagined.  There is no doubt that the answers are not easy, and for Dani, they’re made more difficult by her own lack of identity.  This was an interesting, thought provoking novel that will haunt readers long after they’ve finished the story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Evelyn

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