Far from Perfect (Perfect, Indiana: Book One)

Author: Barbara Longley

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Release Date: October 23, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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When a roadside bomb ended Noah Langford’s military career, he returned back to his hometown.  Upon his arrival, he received the devastating news that his stepbrother Matt had been killed in a car accident.  When he goes to clean out Matt’s apartment, he finds a large sum of money, a life insurance policy, and a letter indicating that Matt had left a woman and his child.  Noah can’t believe that Matt could be so heartless; he knows that it is up to him to find her and make up for the past.

Ceejay Lovejoy lives in the town of Perfect, Indiana.  All of her life she has felt abandoned by those that are supposed to love her the most.  First her mother turned her back on her when she left her in the care of her Aunt; then at nineteen she became pregnant and her boyfriend took her car and life savings then left town without a backwards glance.  With all the life rejections she has suffered, Ceejay manages to work hard to make a stable life for herself and her daughter, Lucinda.

When Noah arrives in Perfect, Ceejay thinks he has searched her out to rent her carriage home.  Noah decides to go along with her assumption, for it will give him the prime opportunity to get to know Ceejay.  In Ceejay he finds a devoted mother who has a loving heart.  Ceejay's willingness to accept Noah with all of his injuries has him believing that there could be a future for both of them.

When the day comes when Noah’s true reason for visiting Perfect is revealed will Ceejay find it in her heart to forgive him?

FAR FROM PERFECT is one of the moving emotional roller coaster rides I have ever experienced in reading/reviewing a novel.  There is no way that anyone who reads this book can’t resist following in love with the town of Perfect and all their beloved characters.  I was taken by storm within the first few pages of this book.  There is no way I could put it down until I knew how it was to end.  This is the first book in the PERFECT, INDIANA series.  Other books in the series include:


•             The Difference a Day Makes – Book Two

•             A Change of Heart – Book Three

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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