Farewell to Cedar Key - Cedar Key series, Book 6
By Diana S
Oct 21, 2014 - 4:43:00 PM

Josie Sullivan is a single mom and an RN. She was born and raised on Cedar Key where she also chose to raise her daughter, Orli. Orli’s father, Grant, has always been in her life even though he lives in Boston. Becoming pregnant in her freshman year of college, Josie decided not to marry Grant, and went back home to Cedar Key. Josie’s mother is a romance author and Shelby Sullivan’s works are known worldwide.

The Cedar Key community is a close knit group and the local knit shop is a place where women go to socialize as well as learn to knit new patterns. Josie has recently lost her nursing job in Gainesville and is asked to help out at Yarning Together after one of the owners, Chloe, has fallen and broke her arm. Josie has loved to knit since she was a child and agrees to help out. Josie’s ex-boss calls and tells her that a colleague of his, Dr. Simon Mancini, is opening a new office in Cedar Key and needs a nurse so he recommended her. Then Grant calls to ask Josie if her and their daughter can come to visit him for Christmas and Orli’s sixteenth birthday. Josie decides that her life is changing for the better.

This is another great story of all the characters that make up Cedar Key. I love checking in with the ladies at Yarning Together and finding out about the new people in town. I have greatly enjoyed reading the Cedar Key series and will miss the people I have come to know as friends. The ending of this book was a bitter-sweet moment for me that brought tears to my eyes. Anyone, female or male, who enjoys knitting, should read this series. I will admit I am not a knitter but love the camaraderie that these knitters share. I have given this book 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies website.

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