Fast and Loose
By Dottie
Apr 12, 2008 - 5:39:19 PM

Cole Early, horse trainer extraordinaire, is dubbed King Cole by the racing media due to his successful record at training champion racehorses.  His horse Silk Purse is qualified to race the Kentucky Derby – the first jewel in the Triple Crown.  However, this leaves him with a problem.  All the hotels, motels and condos are filled.  There are no vacancies.  That is, until his travel agent discovers that one of the locals is renting her house out for the two weeks of the Kentucky Derby.

Lulu Flannery, a glass artist, is in need of money.  So when her friend, a real estate agent, talks her into renting out her house for the two weeks of the Derby for a considerable amount of money, she reluctantly agrees.  She is anxious about turning the house over to a stranger for that period of time, but she cannot pass up the five thousand dollar rental fee.  In addition, the two weeks staying with her best friend Bree will be like a vacation.  Unlike Bree, who is looking for a wealthy man, Lulu is not impressed by the rich and famous.  In fact, she shies away from the limelight.


When Cole moves into the rental, he becomes fascinated with discovering whatever he can about the owner.  In addition to discovering the colorful clothes and lacy underwear, Cole finds post-it notes over many of the belongings warning him off.  However, after reading the owner’s spicy journal – a definite no-no - and discovering that plain Lulu is the owner, he knows he must find a way to bring out the temptress she keeps hidden inside.


FAST AND LOOSE is a very entertaining read.  Watching as Lulu goes to extremes to avoid Cole while protecting her home will leave readers chuckling.  This witty, romantic story will easily steal your heart.  Equally charming are those moments when the humor is turned down and the heat is turned up.  FAST AND LOOSE is high on my ‘recommended read’ list.


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