Fat Chance

Author: Rhonda Pollero

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: March 17 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Finley Tanner's mother offers to sell her a beachfront cottage at a bargain rate, Finley knows there will be some kind of hitch. Her self-centered mother never gives anything away, and she’s not even that crazy about Finley.

Extremely bright but lacking in ambition, fashion-obsessed Finley has spent her life settling – settling for discounted designer seconds and settling for putting in the minimum effort in her job as a paralegal at Dane, Lieberman and Zarnowski. She was even willing to settle for a boyfriend she didn’t really love until she discovered he was two-timing her. No surprise that when she discovers her new Palm Beach cottage is a mold-infested dump, she’s willing to settle for the place in order to avoid an argument with Mom. However, the discovery of a real skeleton in her new bedroom closet finally sparks Finley’s indignation and sets her to work. Did her mother know the skeleton was there? Who was the dead girl and why is she clutching a pendant Finley gave to her long-dead, beloved stepfather?

Despite an embarrassing rejection from him in their previous encounter, Finley still harbors feelings for Liam McGarrity, a sexy but aloof private eye who’s extricated her from more than one scrape. So Finley is simultaneously relieved and annoyed when Liam learns of her predicament and begins “helping” her investigate the skeleton’s identity. As the two ask more and more questions, the people who can provide answers start turning up dead. Then Finley finds her own life seriously threatened. It’s up to Liam to save Finley from herself. However, this time, the loner P.I. has to work with Finley’s new boss – hotshot criminal lawyer Anthony Caprelli. Turns out Tony’s  hot in other ways too. In fact, forced to spend more and more time with both Liam and Tony, Finley finds her temperature rising and her imagination working overtime. Yet irresistible though they are, Finley may have to dodge both of them in order to bring the dead girl’s killer to justice.

With FAT CHANCE, Rhonda Pollero has penned another clever mystery featuring her surprisingly self-sufficient heroine, Finley Anderson Tanner. Finley spends a lot of time talking about beauty, fashion, and men, but her flighty exterior hides a stubborn inner core. When her own life is threatened, Finley digs in her bargain-priced, slightly irregular Jimmy Choos and refuses to be intimidated into dropping her informal investigation.

Told in Finley’s humorous, slightly cynical voice, FAT CHANCE does an excellent job of balancing suspense with just a hint of romance. In her latest adventure, Finley inches closer to the emotionally reserved Liam. But she also discovers an intriguing chemistry whenever she’s alone with new boss, Tony. In fact, if only she could stop stumbling over dead bodies, Finley might finally have quite the hectic love life. I’m looking forward to her finding a way to juggle two men – maybe even three! - in her next outing.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

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