Fatal Exposure
By Kris Jones
Nov 1, 2009 - 9:37:52 PM

What goes through the mind of a stripper as she snakes around the center pole and writhes on the stage in front of gaping, ogling men? Well, maybe what she'll have for dinner the next night, or when she'll fit in a manicure, or what classes to sign up for in the next college semester. Or maybe, like Ava Lureau, whether she can escape the rowdy, hands-on, low tipping college boys who just entered Hothouse Gentlemen's Club. She might evade them by paying attention to the only other customer in the club, a drop dead gorgeous guy sitting in the front row. The man has been there all week. If she can interest him in a private dance, maybe she can make a little extra cash and not deal with the frat boys.

For an instant, she worries about the man, just as she does when meeting any new guy since hiding out as the stripper named Lily. But then she swallows her fears. She's a long way from the Washington D.C. condo owned by Zack Moreno and the life she'd known--thank God. If Zack finds her, she'll have to find another place, another obscure town in which to start a new, shadowy life. That is, if Zack doesn't have her killed first. He isn't one to let his "possessions" go free. She wants to think her current fan is someone she can let down her guard with, but maybe she's a little too lonely for her own good.


Kade Gavin is a man with a purpose. He's tracked people for Zack Moreno before, but always people like Zack himself, players who probably deserve the kind of trouble Zack can dish out. He's come to Flagstaff, AZ looking for Ava Lureau. In the past weeks he's been in more strip joints than he cares to think about looking for the woman Zack is paying him big money to locate and bring back to D.C. The woman he's watched on stage for the past week doesn't fit the bill. Lily has brown eyes and Ava Lureau was described as having green. Thank God, because he is drawn to the beautiful stripper as to no other woman he's ever known. Against his better judgment, Kade agrees to a private dance--in his motel room. The dance becomes a night, and before he knows what hit him, Kade is hooked.


When Kade finds that Lily and Ava are one and the same, he's stumped as to what to do. He's being paid to return her to D.C., but he can't bring himself to do it. Instead, he takes her to his cabin in the Colorado mountains where he hopes to find what Ava's done to incur Zack's wrath--or help her escape. Neither choice fills him with satisfaction.


Though she knows not to believe in happy-ever-afters, Ava hopes the man with whom she's spent the night will dispel her fears and help her figure out what to do about Zack. Then she opens her eyes to find herself abducted to a remote, wooded area in God-only-knows-where. Will she be sent back to Zack, killed in the mountains far from anywhere, or can she escape, even if it means doing something desperate to that traitor, Kade Gavin?


Good suspense and hot, hot sex keep FATAL EXPOSURE moving along. Kade is a good character, trying to decide if Ava is worth his job and reputation. Ava is well-written, too. Her body and heart want to hold Kade close when her logic says he can't be trusted. Readers will wonder how Ava and Kade will solve their predicament right up to the end.

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