Fatal Heat

Author: Lisa Marie Rice

Publisher: Avon Impulse

Release Date: October 4, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Navy Seal Max Wright’s commander had given him the keys to his vacation beach apartment and ordered him to get better. But Max is out of the Navy now and no longer a Seal after a mission that went wrong left him with a broken body. After a lot of pain and rehab, Max has managed to regain his upper body strength and is able to walk, or rather limp, due to his mangled leg. Although the doctors had been adamant that he needed to stay in the rehab unit another month or two, Max had checked himself out. He had been strong his whole life, but now he is a cripple since his one leg cannot bear his whole weight. His next door neighbor at the beach apartment brought him over cookies and though she had a sexy voice, he had not been able to see her in the dim light. However, he had heard her dog barking. Although he enjoyed women in the past, things did not seem to be working since the accident. His sex life was suffering; he hasn’t been with a woman in two years or had any inclination to do so. Not even the nurses in the hospital interested him. Now all he wants is peace and quiet. Although he has trouble walking, in the water he excels.

Peggy Waring, a plant geneticist working at the GenPlant laboratory, knows that her next door neighbor is a former naval officer. The apartment belongs to her Uncle Mel, who is a commander in the Navy Seals, so she figures that her neighbor is also a Seal. She had an incorrigible, but loveable, dog named Max, a border collie, German shepherd, Labrador retriever mix. Peggy and her best friend Sylvia, the project leader at work, have been playing phone tag for several days, and she needs to speak to her before she can proceed with the project. So when several more days go by without a word from her best friend, Peggy gets concerned.

Max is out swimming when he hears his name being called and sees the gorgeous female from next door. Getting a glimpse of his neighbor, Max is bowled over and finds that his sex life, which had looked like it was dead, is springing to life. Since the accident, he has not had this reaction with any other woman. 

Seeing her neighbor out swimming, she is shocked when her dog knocks him into the water. Peggy knows he has been hurt and with the swim trunks, she can see the scars and how thin his bad leg is. But he doesn’t seem concerned as he frolics with her dog in the water. When he offers to watch her dog while she goes for work, she issues him an invitation for dinner at her home. She does not usually go for macho men, but there is something about him.

However, dinner is put on the back burner when they cannot keep their hands off of each other.  Spending the next week together, they grow closer. Then a few days later, as she waits for Max to return from his doctor visit, she finally hears from Sylvia, who is in trouble and needs Peggy’s help. But before she can help Sylvia, she is kidnapped by a couple of thugs. Can Max find the woman he has fallen in love with before it is too late? With his damaged leg, will he be able to carry out the rescue?

A fast-paced novella, FATAL HEAT is a sizzling hot, suspense-filled erotic romantic suspense novella. It grabbed my attention right away and kept it right through the exciting ending. Max is brawn to Peggy’s brain, but the couple could not be better suited. He thought his life was over after the accident, but Peggy and her dog, Max, give him a reason to live again. Peggy’s capture and the action after Sylvia’s phone call will have readers on the edge of their seats and rooting for the two Maxes. Adding clever banter, true-to-life characters, romance and love scenes that are hot enough to steam up your glasses to this story make it an absolute delight.  I highly recommend FATAL HEAT!

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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