Father Material
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 12, 2007 - 4:00:16 AM

Natalie Simmons has been dumped by her fianc é, Dan, who claims that she isn’t adventurous enough for him. She’s determined to prove him wrong and to do that she opts to surprise him by showing up for the rafting trip he’d planned while they were together. She just doesn't anticipate his backing out of the trip.

Wild River Expedition guide Evan Murphy has been very careful to keep from being tied down to any job or place. He has a masters degree in business but he’s never felt any need to find a career in the field. He’s not looking for anything permanent in his personal life or professionally. Natalie’s vulnerability and caring nature calls to him but he’s not ready to give up his easygoing lifestyle.

Going on a white water rafting trip is not something sensible librarian Natalie would normally consider doing, especially since the trip cost half her savings. She’s devastated and humiliated when she learns that Dan cancelled his spot on the trip. Natalie’s on the verge of backing out of the trip but Evan explains that the money is already spent and it’s non-refundable so she might as well go on the trip and it just may help her get over the ex-fianc é.

During the course of the rafting trip Natalie and Evan have several conversations about their lives and dreams. Natalie confesses to dreaming of opening a children’s bookstore. Evan understands Natalie’s need for security but he’s also aware that her business idea has very real potential and suggests she seriously consider making her dream a reality. While neither of them is looking to start a romantic relationship, the sexual tension is proving to be too difficult to resist. What will happen when Natalie returns home and discovers eight weeks later that their night together has resulted in an unexpected pregnancy? Natalie’s positive that Evan is not FATHER MATERIAL, will he be able to convince her otherwise?

Kimberly Van Meter’s FATHER MATERIAL is the first book in her Simmon’s Sisters Trilogy - RETURN TO EMMETT’S MILL. This book is full of characters who will charm their way right into your heart. I loved reading about Natalie and Evan’s battle over his determination to be a part of the baby’s life. While watching Evan and Natalie’s relationship develop is a lot of fun, there’s also the relationship between the Simmon’s sisters and their father that fascinated me. It’s obvious that it’s a strained relationship between him and each of the girls and I have to admit I’m dying for the next two stories to find out if he ever loosens up and accepts the girls and their decisions. This is a wonderful heartwarming story that you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf.

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