The Girlz Guide to Gettin' It, Book 1 - Fearless

Author: Tawny Weber

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Network engineer Gia Renyard met her three friends when they were randomly grouped together years ago in college for an assignment in their marketing class. Their task had been to create a useful tool that appealed to a particular market segment. Complete opposites, the girls soon found they have one thing in common; a need to shake up their lives. With that, the Girlz Guide to a Rockin’ Life was born. It gave Gia her three best friends, as well as, a philosophy for life. Since college, the four friends get together for a Girlz night every few weeks, even occasionally updating their guide. Gia has been working hard lately hoping to gain a promotion. She has everything she could want; amazing friends, a wonderful apartment, a great job, but there is something missing. Unlike her three friends, Gia has no social life to speak of and listening to her mother speak of Gia’s two sisters’ exploits without inquiring about hers leaves Gia even more depressed. Although Gia has had sexual experiences, none of them involved adventure like those experienced by her friends…no kink, no scarves, nothing out of the ordinary. She longs for one sexual adventure…with one particular man, her coworker Luke Monroe.


During a girl’s night, Gia lets her fantasy slip and soon her friends are brainstorming to help her form a plan to make her dream come true. And she has just discovered that her time may be short as Luke may be leaving the company, which also makes him the ideal candidate since she won’t have to face him afterwards. With the help of her friends, a makeover, a new name – Vanna - and a trip to Las Vegas, she plans to have a weekend to remember…that is, if she can overcome her inhibitions.


Luke Monroe does his job well, but it is getting boring. Even having women dropping in his lap is losing its appeal. So he is considering taking a higher paying position with another company, even though it will mean being constantly on the road. Scheduled to work in Las Vegas over the weekend at a sales convention, he has no desire to hook up with anyone, but that is before he gets a glimpse of Vanna.


Using a pseudonym and looking completely different, Gia begins to give in to her wild side, especially when she realizes that Luke does not recognize her. After an unforgettable weekend, Gia sneaks off while Luke is still asleep and returns home. Meanwhile, upon awakening, Luke is furious to discover that the only woman who has ever challenged him has left without a word, leaving him no way to contact her.


When Gia arrives home, she realizes that she wants more with Luke. She has fallen for him, but she figures she is too plain to gain his attention. However, when she discovers that she is being given a new assignment on a step closer to her promotion, she is ecstatic…until she discovers that Luke is her new boss and he is not leaving the company after all. Will she be able to keep her dual identity a secret, or will she fight for what she wants?


Hot, hot, hot! FEARLESS, the latest novel by USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber, is a clever, sensual contemporary erotic romance that readers will find hard to put down. I loved the idea of the four friends who are always there for each other, and although Gia is a part of the group, her vulnerability shows through as she tries to measure up to her three friends. I enjoyed watching as Luke and Gia try to overcome the fallout from their weekend together. The chemistry between them is explosive, but they connect in more ways than just sex during their weekend together, which makes it doubly hard for Gia to move on.


The sassy banter, intriguing plot, engaging characters, scorching hot passion, romance and tender love combine to give readers an unforgettable story. Although I hated to see this story end, it has whet my appetite for Ms. Weber’s next Cosmo Red Hot Read in the GIRLZ GUIDE TO GETTIN’ IT series entitled Fetish, which is due out in January 2014. If you are looking for a feisty, sexy story with plenty of humor, FEARLESS is the book for you. I highly recommend it!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Dottie


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