Nashville Nights, book 2 - Fearless
By Dottie
Jan 15, 2013 - 8:35:22 PM

Now that her sister is back in Nashville, reunited with her ex-husband and with a child on the way, Lexi Brooks has moved back to be close to her. She also has another reason for returning to her hometown…Josh. However, she does not want marriage and kids. Instead, she wants to live life on her own terms, enjoying life with travel, excitement and adventure. However, she has been attracted to Josh since she was a junior in college. But at the time he was newly divorced with two boys to raise, so they had been in different stages of their lives. However, she has never overcome her feelings for him. She had even briefly been engaged during her senior year, but nothing had severed her connection to Josh. After growing up with an abusive father and then being engaged to Chip, a violent man who beat her, she values her independence. However, as a result of these relationships, she also suffers from PTSD and has panic attacks. No one else knows about her condition, not even her sister Sierra. After breaking off her engagement, she got a loan from her brother-in-law Trey and managed to build up an impressive real estate portfolio in a short amount of time. Now very successful, she can work from anywhere, so she has the freedom to pursue a little intimate time with the man she can’t forget. But will he accept her terms?

Josh Cooper was at one time a police officer, but now he is head of security for his friend, country music star Trey Turner, who is married to Lexie’s sister Sierra. He is at the point in his life that he wants a real relationship, not a one night stand. Although he is deeply attracted to Lexi, he knows it will go nowhere since she does not have marriage in mind, nor does he want to mess up their friendship. Josh had been married when he was younger, but his erratic hours on the SWAT team had added too much pressure, so his marriage ended. However, he did get twins boys out of the marriage. They are now almost sixteen and he regrets not having been there for them when they were younger, although both boys idolize him. He would like the chance to try again before he gets too old. Needing a clear head for his job, he prides himself on maintaining control, but Lexi is the one person who can get past it.

At her sister’s wedding, Lexi set out to seduce Josh, but once they were alone together she had a panic attack, which ended their intimate evening. More than anything, Josh wants Lexi to be his wife, but she does not want a permanent relationship. After a blow-up between them, Lexi decides to return to Arkansas and face her fears. She agrees to return to Arkansas to testify against her former fiancé, who has killed his wife. However, his prominent family has been sending her death threats. When Josh discovers that she is on her way to Arkansas and why, he follows her, determined to protect her. As they spend time together, the sparks fly. But can Josh convince her to give them a chance at a future together?

Absolutely delicious, FEARLESS, the second book in talented author Cheryl Douglas’ NASHVILLE NIGHTS series, is an emotion-packed, sensual contemporary read that I could not put down. I absolutely loved this story. Readers cannot help but empathize with Josh and Lexi as they struggle with their feelings for each other. Knowing that Lexi does not want a committed relationship, Josh decides that she is off-limits, but he finds it harder and harder to keep his distance. I also enjoyed the scenes with Josh’s twin sons, some of which will have you laughing out loud. They added even more appeal to the story as they share their worldly wisdom with their father. Fans of this series will also be updated on the characters from the first book, SHAMELESS. Filled with danger, humor, passion, an intriguing plot, clever dialogue, likeable characters, PTSD, regrets, love and second chances, this beautifully written story is one you will not want to miss. Now I am eager to begin reading the next installment of this series, RUTHLESS. Like potato chips, it is hard to stop after reading one of the books in this series. Still, although FEARLESS is part of a series, it can be read on its own, but I recommend reading SHAMELESS first. Do not miss this wonderful book. It is definitely a keeper!

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