Feature Attraction
By ansley
Jun 29, 2008 - 6:58:14 PM

Lauren Hawkeye takes a snapshot of fantasy in her novella, FEATURE ATTRACTION. It is a story about strangers in the dark. 

Adam and Imogen have a monthly date at the local theatre.  Not to watch the movie, but to indulge in their own bit of fantasy.  In the balcony above the crowd, they discover each other.  In the real world, they don’t even know the other’s true name.  No words are spoken.  No truths shared to burden the other.  Nothing to break the anticipation of what they are there for:  uncomplicated, anonymous gratification.

In February, Imogen breaks the rules.  She decides she wants more and takes him home for a more thorough encounter.  By taking the fantasy a step further, she opens the door for more between them.

In March, Adam waits outside the theatre, wondering as always if this is the time she won’t come.  Because this time, he has his own plan about how to break the rules of their engagement.

FEATURE ATTRACTION is about fantasy.  The story is written to appeal to that little naughty voice in all of us that wishes we were bold enough to step outside the box of propriety. 

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