Featured Attraction

Author: Julie Cohen

Publisher: Mills & Boon Modern Extra

Release Date: March 2006 (UK)

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Katherine "Kitty" Giroux Clifford has had bad luck for most of her life.  No matter how hard she works, she always seems to end up second best.  Her father left the family when she was a teenager, and things have gone downhill ever since.  Now divorced, Katherine has left her job and home in California for her hometown in Maine.  She's been trying to get her interior design business off the ground for several months, and she's getting a little bit desperate.  She is about to trade in her beloved Mercedes when she finally gets the call she's been hoping for.  Someone has bought the Delphi, an old abandoned cinema downtown.  The new owner wants to hire her to help renovate the beautiful building.  But when Katherine discovers that the owner is the high school crush who dumped her on prom night, her heart plummets.  How can she even think about working with Jack Taylor?

Jack Taylor has been having the most incredible sex of his life.  Unfortunately, it has all been in his dreams, with a woman he doesn't recognize.  In reality, Jack has been celibate for several months, ever since the first unbelievably realistic dream.  Jack? Celibate??  Months?!  His best friend can hardly believe it.  But Jack's dream woman has set a standard so high no other woman could possibly measure up.


When Katherine Clifford walks into the Delphi, Jack realizes two things.  First, he recognizes her: she's Kitty Giroux, his high school prom date.  Second, she's the woman who has been starring in his steamy dreams.  Now that the woman of his dreams is here, in the flesh, Jack wants her in his bed.  Sure, their prom date ended badly, but that was years ago and it wasn't that big a deal.  If Kitty even remembers it, she's sure to forgive him, right?


Kitty is stubbornly convinced that Jack hasn't changed a bit since high school.  She's certain he has no regard for a woman's heart or emotions, as long as he can get her in bed.  Well, she isn't going to be Jack's latest conquest.  She fell in love with him in high school, and he broke her heart.  He isn't going to get another chance!  She needs to find a way to work with Jack and keep things between them strictly professional.  Not only is the Delphi her dream project; she needs it to keep her design business alive.


Kitty keeps telling Jack that she doesn't want anything to do with him on a personal level, but he isn't going to give up.  Besides, it's obvious to him that her body and mind aren't in agreement.  He can certainly tell when a woman is attracted to him.  And Kitty isn't just any woman.  He has to convince her to give him a chance!  Will Kitty stay strong, or will she succumb to her desire for Jack? 


FEATURED ATTRACTION drew me in from the first page and never let go.  It's one of those stories that quickly made me stop thinking "characters" and start thinking "people" instead.  The descriptions of the Delphi were so detailed and realistic that I almost wished I could see the beautiful theater in person.  The place is a perfect fit for both Kitty's love of architecture and Jack's love of movies.  I hoped they could put aside their differences and work together to bring it back to life, and just maybe renew the spark between them while they were at it.  Would they ever move beyond the events of that long-ago prom night?  Kitty knew it affected her deeply, but just how did it affect Jack?  I hoped Kitty would open her mind to the possibility that people really can change and give Jack a chance.  Then maybe she and Jack would both learn a few things about themselves along the way.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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